Download Songs From Audiomack Directly to your Phone

Have you ever felt the sheer disappointment that follows a friend's request that you share a favourite song you're listening to and the only answer could be "sorry, it's an Audiomack song"? And then you wonder if there's any hack on how to download songs from Audiomack directly to your phone?

Audiomack is a digital music streaming platform that serves music to millions of users worldwide, and of course, for free. However, while you have access to a pool of new music served directly from different creators around the world, you can only stream (with active internet connection) and save copies for offline (playable only on the app), as a result, you cannot download songs from Audiomack directly to your local music storage neither can you share with friends. Disappointing, isn't it?

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Whether you have the song on your Audiomack player or not, there's always a means of getting songs saved and shared. In this article, you will learn about methods with which you can download songs from Audiomack directly to your phone and be able to share with friends.

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First Method: (Mobile)

This is the most easiest way to download songs from Audiomack directly to your phone. This creates a copy of your desired song on you local storage media.

1. Download "Downmack" from Google PlayStore

2. Launch the application and slide to your right or click "Paste link"

3. Go to Audiomack then Copy the music URL.

4. Head back to the Downmack app and click "Paste Link" to apply the link you copied to the search bar "Paste Song Link Here"

5. Click on "Proceed" and allow app analyse and prepare song for download.

6. On the next page, you'll find a summary of the song. Click on "Download"

Second Method: (Mobile and Desktop)

1. Visit Audiomack Webpage on or click here

2. Enter the name and title of the song you wish to download on the search bar

3. Right-click on the song and copy the link

4. Open a new tab on your browser and visit the webpage or click here

5. Click on the search icon at the top of the sire when it loads then paste the copied link inside the search box. Click on "search"

6. Click "Download" on the page and allow song download

You can now download from Audiomack to your phone. Open any of your music player to play your new music and share with friends. Enjoy!

Now that you know how to download from Audiomack to your local music storage/player, how do you share offline music you already downloaded on your Audiomack? Follow the simple steps below:

How to save and share offline songs on Audiomack App

When you download for offline on Audiomack, such songs can only be accessed and played by the Audiomack app on your phone. However, for Audiomack to access this songs, your phone saves them in a hidden location and it becomes difficult for other music players to access and play them because firstly, they are hidden, secondly, they are encrypted.

1. Open your "File Manager" and search for "Audiomack" From the search result, click on the "Audiomack" folder OR browse to Internal Storage > Android > Data > > files > Audiomack

2. This reveals a list of all the songs you saved for offline on the Audiomack appNote: The songs are not named like you have them on the app. The easiest way of knowing each music file is click on it and preview with Google Music or any other music player

3. Copy any of the song and paste into a new location on your local storage (internal or external storage)

4. Locate the song you just pasted then go to options > Rename >. Type in the name of the song then end it with .mp3 then save. Song will be added to your music player(s). You can also share.