The music environment can be so tedious for a starter, especially for an indie with little or no fund to leverage your career. With thousands of music being pushed out everyday, the challenge of getting heard is taking the center ground.

In this post, we will show you a few simple and easy ways to get your music out there - and also reach the right audience - using music promotion on a zero budget.

Strategically talk about your music at every chance you get. In fact, this does not have to be a face-to-face thing. Offer to send digital copies of your latest singles through the various file sharing methods at your disposals. Remember we talked about list building where you make a collection of contact details? (See No. 3) This is where you’ll be needing them!

It costs zero naira to get a basic social media account up and running. Social media gets better with more features everyday - don’t just share, talk about your music and get your friends to do the same too. Follow trending topics in your country/state on Twitter and tag along using hashtags, post visual clips on Facebook and Instagram and solicit for comments. Pinterest is also a very good social media hangout to promote your music.

Aside from your social media pages, you could set up a webpage that points people to a much more detailed information about you. Such would contain your short biography, discography - if you already have singles; collaborations, EPs or albums; social media handle, contact detail, etc. [See example here] … Companies like Medium, Steemit, etc. offer this free of charge. You can also get an advance artiste page for yourself here on iTOOknowMusic.

Join related blog sites and consider creating threads and comments. Also, make good use of signatures by attaching useful links so that you don’t have to attach them every time you make comments. Collect useful contact details (Entertainment Blogs, Playlist Curators, AOPs, DJs, Writers, Skit Makers) when you come across them. However, be wary of spamming.

Consider offering your music for sale or free downloads or both. There are a ton of digital platforms that offer this service and free of charge, however, ensure you always check terms and conditions properly before you opt for this.

While the above methods are proven to a very large extent. Music promotion - especially on a zero budget - is not expected to bring forth noticeable developments at the first try, it requires a great deal of consistent and up-to-date practice, which is the key thing.